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A Hub for Health and Happiness

The community you turn to when the going gets rough.


Live Happier, Live Healthier

Life doesn’t go according to plan. It’s messy. It throws curve balls.  It challenges you when you least expect it, which means you need support at your fingertips so you’re ready to respond. Whether it’s pressure at work, arguments at home or worrying over the kids, your health and happiness suffers. And that’s why I created The Sage Society, a hub you can turn to for the tools, tips and strategies that will help when the going gets tough. 

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+ Family

Discover grounded parenting strategies and stay connected with your little one.

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Mind +

Find out how to keep stress in check and worry less with these 7 antidotes to stress.

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Love +

Put your relationship first and discover how to feel in love and stay connected again.

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Find balance and harmony in your life by learning how to say no with confidence!

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Hello… I’m Gabby

Practicing Clinical Psychologist, mum to two mini humans, coffee lover and secret saxophonist.

Although I spent my teenage years dreaming of becoming an aerobics instructor, I can safely say I found my calling as a Clinical Psychologist (phew!). With a special interest in eating disorders, trauma and children, my private practice is booked out months in advance. It’s always been my goal to help as many people as possible, and so I’ve been searching for a way to ‘clone’ myself and touch more lives. But, it wasn’t until I was pinned down by a sleeping baby on a long flight that a new idea began to percolate…

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 Why join The Sage Society?

If you’re feeling weighed down by your commitments, exhausted or anxious then  chances are it’s starting to show.

Whether you’re snapping at the kids, fighting with your partner or taking a sickie because you can’t face another day at work, it’s time to take a stand. Your health and happiness matters!

In the same way you look after your body with food and exercise, you need to feed your mind with the right fuel (and that doesn’t include mean self-talk, mum-guilt or shameful feelings of failure).

If you’re ready to break the cycle of negative emotions, worry and stress then The Sage Society is here to help.

Doors open early 2020, join the waitlist now and put your health and happiness first again.

Are you a Mum feeling overwhelmed with the broken nights, tears and tantrums?
(get the free eBook to help you stay grounded and calm)

Do you feel invisible and taken for granted in your relationship?
(reconnect with your partner with this free guide)

Is stress making you nervous, wired and snappy?
(find the 7 antidotes to stress here)

Is saying yes too often leaving you wrung out and tired?
(Learn the art of saying no with our free eBook)

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